About Us

Our licensed physicians have gone through the NY State training to become certified medical cannabis prescribers.  Our physicians are registered with the NY State Medical Marijuana program. The physicians at KnowNOW Cannabis have a specific interest in integrating traditional Western medicine with alternative treatments to better their patients as a whole.  Our ultimate goal for individual patients is to Increase their Quality of Life – something often forgotten by today’s standards of care,


Dr Ella Leers is a Family Physician and Addiction Medicine specialist. She has been prescribing medical cannabis since the beginning of the program in NY state and has extensive experience treating patients for their chronic diseases with medical cannabis. Dr. Leers is uniquely qualified to assist patients looking to transition from pharmaceutical pain medications like opiates or other narcotics to medical cannabis treatment, especially if they have not responded to conventional modes of medicine and are seeking a naturally therapeutic treatment option. 

Dr Jean Burg is a Family Physician and a Palliative Care specialist. She has been seeing patients for primary care, emergency care and end of life/hospice care for over 20 years. Dr Burg has significant knowledge and experience working with patients who suffer from symptoms of chronic disease. She strives to help people find relief from their discomfort using natural methods that complement their current treatments. 


Dr Diana Ramirez is a Family Physician and an HIV specialist. Dr Ramirez has been working in primary care with undocumented immigrants for many years. Dr Ramirez runs a medical office utilizing a revolutionary method of treating patients that allows for extended period of time with the patients provider and incorporates alternative treatments into her patients medical care.  Dr Ramirez is  always interested in new ideas and innovative therapies for her patient care programs and has been eager to apply her knowledge to the care and welfare of her medical cannabis patients.  

Dr Marcelo Venegas is an Internal Medicine specialist and he has been treating patients for primary care and emergency care for many years. Dr Venegas has a specific interest in  therapeutic benefit of  various modalities including prescription and non prescription  therapies. Dr Venegas has a special  interest in helping people balance traditional western medicine and alternative treatments.