Frequently Asked Questions


Who will I see for my visit?


When you start your telehealth visit, you will speak with one of our physicians. All of our physicians are Internal Medicine or Family Medicine specialized. Our licensed physicians have gone through the NY State training to become certified in medical cannabis prescribing and are registered with the NY State medical cannabis program. Our physicians have a specific interest in integrating traditional Western medicine with alternative treatments to better their patients as a whole.

What are your hours?

Doctors are available every day (7 days per week). Opening hours vary according to demand, but you can get started with your medical case at any time. 

What is a Certification Form?

Because medical cannabis is not FDA approved (yet), doctors cannot write a prescription for the use of cannabis. Instead, doctors follow NY state law to recommend certain products for your use tailored to each patient’s needs. This recommendation is created on a form called a certification form. You will receive the certification form at the end of your visit with our physician and you will need to bring it with you each time you visit the dispensary.  

Does my certification need to be renewed?

Yes. Certifications must be renewed on at least an annual basis. KnowNOW cannabis will contact you prior to the expiration of your card, with options to renew. You will need to conduct a follow up consultation with a doctor before a renewal can be issued. 

Does KnowNow Cannabis accept my insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover your consultation. 


How do I get a Medical Cannabis ID card?

After your certification form is created and sent to you, you can then go online to: and create an account. Once you have your username and password, you will create a new registration for your medical cannabis ID card. You will need the unique certification number on your certification form to complete this process. We will send you instructions that walk you through this process step by step

Where are the dispensaries in NY?

You can find a list of Registered Organization Locations in NY using the link below.

Registered dispensaries ny

What do I need to bring to the dispensary?

You will need to bring your medical marijuana ID card and your certification form every time you go to the dispensary. 

Tip: take a photo of the certification form with your phone so you always have access to it. 


Certified medical cannabis patients can go to any dispensary in NY state. Patients are also allowed to go to more than one dispensary if you would like to try different products.
Tip: Check the website of each dispensary to see the offered products and prices before you go. Some dispensaries are now offering delivery services.  

Can I travel with medical cannabis?

We strongly advise against taking cannabis across any USA border (interstate or international). All borders are under  federal jurisdiction and cannabis is an illegal substance under federal  law.  Even crossing a border between two states in which cannabis is legal can result in federal prosecution.  The same caution holds for  security areas for air and sea travel, which are generally under federal  jurisdiction as well. If you are traveling to a state in which marijuana is legal, we recommend you leave your medical cannabis products at home and purchase it in that state. Feel free to ask the doctor if you have more questions about this. 

How do I arrange for a caregiver?

If you are registered as a medical cannabis patient, you can  choose someone to be your caregiver.  A caregiver can go with you when  you visit a dispensary.  A caregiver can also go to a dispensary on  their own to get medication for you. Caregivers must be registered  online with the site.  You will need to log  on to your account through and choose the option to  assign someone as your caregiver.  A NY driver’s license or  other appropriate identification of your caregiver will be needed.  Currently, There is no charge to register a caregiver.  A “Caregiver” card is  mailed out about 1 week after registration.  It is needed to gain entry  to the dispensary.  For more info:

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What is the difference between THC and CBD?


THC, CBD, and about 80 other chemicals are all in a class of compounds known as cannabinoids, found in abundance in the cannabis plant.  Cannabinoids are responsible for many of the effects of cannabis consumption and have important therapeutic benefits.


Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for many of the effects experienced by the cannabis user. 

THC has been demonstrated to have anti-depressive qualities and to help with pain relief, relaxation, insomnia and appetite stimulation. 

More specifically, THC can be helpful for treating moderate to severe pain related to injury or nerve pain; weight loss or nausea associated with HIV or chemotherapy; stomach issues arising from Inflammatory bowel disease; sleep issues or insomnia; symptoms from PTSD in addition to a multitude of other symptoms.


Cannabidiol or  (CBD)  is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “high” and can actually counteract the  psychoactivity of THC. 

CBD has been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory effects, reduce anxiety and helps with neurological related disease. 

CBD has been demonstrated to reduce seizures, tremor and involuntary movements. It also can provide relief for chronic pain due to muscle spasticity, nerve pain, and inflammation, offering relief for patients with MS, Neuropathy and Epilepsy.  

Can I buy products with THC or CBD or both?

In NY State, dispensaries sell medical cannabis with different ratios of CBD, THC or a combination of both. Because of the psychoactive effects of THC, most people choose a high CBD product for the morning and continue CBD into the evening or add THC in the afternoon or evening. 

How will I decide which product I should get?

After you have your certification paper and ID card, you should call the dispensary (you can go to any dispensary you choose) and make an appointment. At your first visit, you will see a pharmacist and they will go over all of the available products and make additional recommendations depending on your diagnosis and your symptoms. You can purchase as much or as little as you want and you can return to the dispensary as often as you would like. 

We always recommend that you START LOW AND GO SLOW - especially with THC products.